Zoom in on Fairness

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Publisher Rosen Publishing
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At one time or another, nearly every kid has cried out in frustration, "It's not fair!" This easy-to-read book explains the sometimes complicated concept of fairness with interesting and thought-provoking examples. An empathetic tone recognizes that it can certainly be a struggle and encourages them to ask questions so that they understand the rules. They will learn about different views of fairness around the globe and everyday people who stood up to make sure things were fair. Age-appropriate examples of simple ways to be fair in their everyday lives will inspire readers to be advocates for fairness for everyone in their lives, no matter who they are. A final activity encourages readers to examine their own ideas about fairness in a historical context. EdTech Shelfit Reader digital edition of Print ISBN: 9780766097674 Rosen Publishing Group, Enslow, ebook.

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