Trinity 101: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit ebook

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Trinity 101 offers readers a basic approach to the Trinity as history portrays it, as a doctrinal concept, and how it is revealed in the Scripture. This is highly useful to those seeking a starting point of Christian theological study of the Trinity, from high school age onwards; and also to educated adults who are drawn to this topic. James Papandrea writes in an engaging and accessible style on the theological background of the Trinity.


. Page Count: 144 ISBN: 9780764867200, 9780764820823 Copyright: 2012 Trinity 101 offers readers a basic approach to the Trinity. Keywords: Liguori 101 series, triune God, father son holy spirit, trinitarian God, Catholic theology, Catholic teaching. Author: James Papandrea, PHD. Imprint: Liguori Publications. This is an EdTech Digital edition

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