Standards-Based Vocabulary Book II

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Some students need a little boost where learning vocabulary is concerned. Standards-Based Vocabulary will help students whose lexicons may not be as developed as those of their peers. Standards-Based Vocabulary expands your students' vocabularies and teaches crucial vocabulary-building skills. Students will learn how to determine the meanings of words in context, use common roots and affixes to understand new words, and relate word meanings to their origins. Help your students become better readers and writers and address the Common Core State Standards for Vocabulary Acquisition and Use order your Standards-Based Vocabulary student book today. Made for students in grades 7 & 10. Perfect for remediation. Helps students decipher word meanings using context clues. Latin and Greek root, prefix, and suffix practice teaches lifelong word-decoding skills. Teaches students to differentiate between literal and figurative word uses. Addresses Common Core State Standards for Vocabulary Acquisition and Use.

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