Standards-Based Vocabulary Book I

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While the basic principles of word acquisition are the same for all students, many require a bit more help to tackle the demands of state testing and ultimately acquire the tools they need to learn and understand the new words they will encounter throughout their lives. Standards-Based Vocabulary, created especially for students in grades 7 through 10 who have difficultly learning vocabulary, provides a framework to expand students' vocabularies. This series also teaches crucial vocabulary-building skills, including discerning word meanings through context, recognizing roots and affixes, and recalling word origins. Students will learn to: -Develop strategies to construct word meanings by using context clues -Determine the meaning of unfamiliar, or complex words through structural analysis, identifying roots, prefixes, and suffixes derived from Greek and Latin -Use their knowledge of synonyms, antonyms, homographs, and homophones to uncover the meanings of unfamiliar words -Understand and interpret the literal and figurative use of wordsDetermine the meaning of words by recalling their literary, historical, and mythological origins

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