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Do you wonder why incense is used at Mass, the Alleluia disappears during certain seasons, or how the construct for the Liturgy of the Word was developed? Why do Catholics sing in Latin from time to time? What is intended in the words "the body of Christ" during the Liturgy of the Eucharist? Why all this ritual?

In Mass 101: Liturgy and Life, Emily Strand takes Catholics through the basics of the Mass. By de-briefing us on the history of the Mass, taking us step-by-step through our worship, and reminding us of the central mystery of our faith—the Paschal Mystery—Strand emphasizes the importance of communal worship.

Strand notes that, "this sacred act, this movement of procession, proclamation, profession and paschal banquet we call ‘Mass,’ is written on the very heart of the Body of Christ. As Catholics, Mass is what we do." Even liturgical experts will likely learn something new in this lively, interactive and creative exploration of the Mass.

. Page Count: 154 ISBN: 9780764868627, 9780764822254 Copyright: 2013 A step-by-step through the Mass, explaining the central mystery of our faith, the Paschal Mystery, and the importance of communal worship Keywords: Liguori 101 series, Catholic liturgy, Emily Strand, mystery of faith, Paschal Mystery, communal worship, Body of Christ. Author: Emily Strand, MA. Imprint: Liguori Publications. This is an EdTech Digital edition

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