Lucretius: The Nature of the Universe, digital, 360-day access

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We know almost nothing of the Roman author Lucretius, except that he gave to the world a didactic poem that is the oddest of ducks: a passionate, philosophic/scientific treatise that explains Epicurus's theory of atoms and touts reason and exacting knowledge of the way things are as antidotes to uncertainty and the fear of death. In six books that teeter between celebratory creation and total annihilation, its narrative is driven by pounding logic and determined pedagogical prodding. Studded as it is with vivid stories and meticulous observations of natural phenomena, The Nature of the Universe is an ancient work still able to grab hold of modern readers and not let go. As timely today as it was 2,000 years ago, it proves that the humanities and sciences can inspire and complete one another.

Special Features
    Introduction to The Nature of the Universe and to Lucretius Lively prose rendition in English of all six books with
      introductions to each book’s structure and highlights heading divisions within books that summarize contents Annotated index of topics and glossary of proper names 7 illustrations Selected bibliography EdTech Shelfit Reader digital edition of Print ISBN: 9780865168381 Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers, Inc., ebook. Copyright: 2016

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