How the Printing Press Changed the World

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Upon its invention in the mid-1400s, the printing press instantly became a revolutionary device. It introduced literacy to the masses and led Europe out of the Middle Ages. This book explores the press' exciting history, the social and political conditions in place at the time Johannes Gutenberg invented it, and the changes the invention wrought afterward. It traces the evolution of moveable type and information dissemination up to modern electronic communications technology, examining the positive and negative effects of these developments, both in the past and on democracy and humankind today. This book will give readers a new appreciation for the written word, whether it is printed on paper or displayed on a screen. Cavendish, Series: Inventions That Changed the World. EdTech Shelfit Reader digital edition of Print ISBN: 9781502641144 Rosen Publishing Group, ebook, Season: 1/19/2019

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