German Grammar: QuickStudy Reference Guide

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Language learning is retraining your brain, and any form of training requires focus, constant practice and especially support. This most handy support tool can easily come with you anywhere. In 6 pages the coverage is so succinct that our author fit the essentials of the language into a complete reference, with the need-to-know details you would find on a German final exam. This inexpensive and expertly written tool is a must have for repetition and review. 6-page e-guide includes:�The German Alphabet�Cardinal Numbers�Ordinal Numbers�Capitalization�Case System�Nouns�Articles, Der-Words & Ein-Words�Adjectives�Pronouns�Prepositions�Da- & Wo-Compounds�Adverbs�Negation: Nicht & Kein�Comparative & Superlative�Verbs�General Word OrderSuggested Uses: �Students � a very lightweight, inexpensive grade-booster that can be slipped between your notebook pages for quick and easy answers�Teachers � Inexpensive classroom tool, whether you have a few for those students struggling or a whole class set that can last your entire career with the durable lamination�Travelers � Being flat, laminated and with essentials being easy to find, if you have moved beyond one word translations and are striving to speak correctly, this is a great travel buddy

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