Corporate Finance: QuickStudy Reference Guide

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A must-have for business and accounting students or professionals as a go-to review. The essentials packed into this 6 page e-guide cover the breadth of Corporate Finance with artfully written details so you can find the answer you need faster than any other source. Equations, can be found at a glance and real world examples of easily confused terminology offer a memory boost. Our best-selling QuickStudy business author, Michael Griffin targets the structure and details as only an experienced professor, author, textbook subject matter expert and working professional can. 6-page e-guide includes:�Corporation Basics�Regulation of the Corporation�Financial Statements�Financial Statement Analysis�Managing Current Assets�Time Value of Money�Interest Rates�Capital Budgeting�Financial Planning�Short- Term Financing�Bonds & Bond Valuation�Stock & Stock Valuation�Financial Markets & Securities�Cost of Capital�Options, Warrants & Convertibles�Dividends & Share Repurchases�Enterprise Risk Management�Corporate RestructuringSuggested uses: �Students � quick reference that is compact and easily reviewed on a daily or weekly basis and definitely before exams�Business Professionals � handy go-to for those in finance but especially for employees that are not and need to see the larger picture of finance in the corporate structure, as well as the importance of every detail�Professors � use this guide as a corporate finance course syllabus to offer more to your students at a price that beats any supplemental material

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