Astronomy: QuickStudy Reference Guide to Space, Our Solar System, Planets and the Stars

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As a student, stargazer, or lover of our galaxy, space and the infinite, there is no resource for this price that in 6 pages can show you the universe this completely yet succinctly. Expertly authored with balanced coverage, the number of detailed facts and answers to our questions about planets, our galaxy and the universe makes this the biggest bang for your buck � guaranteed. 6-page e-guide includes:�History of Astronomy�Ancient Times�The Astronomy of Greece�Pioneers of Astronomy�Space Dimensions�Origin of The Solar System�Details of the Terrestrial Planets�Details of the Jovian Planets�Comparative Data on the Jovian Planets�The Dwarf Planets�The Sun�The Stars�Atoms�The Properties of Stars�Starlight�Galaxies�Concepts of CosmologySuggested uses: �Students � content is aligned to an entry college level or advanced high school astronomy course, for use as a quick and easy reference and review for that class as well as digging deeper for students in earth science courses at the high school level�Stargazers & Space Lovers � for stargazers there are plenty of details as well as those space lovers of the far, far away

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